So you're getting married, and need a photographer...

If you’re a fun-hearted, laid back couple who are perhaps not totally used to or comfortable with being in front of the camera, then we’ll probably be a good fit. I enjoy working most with couples who don’t take themselves too seriously and just want to have a great time with their family and friends on their big day.

I’m a non-traditional wedding photographer with an aim to capture your whole wedding day story rather than just a snapshot. That doesn’t mean I don’t take group or portrait photos – I do – but my main focus is taking candid, fun and relaxed photos of you and your guests enjoying themselves and capturing the atmosphere and uniqueness of the day.

There will be no:

• No awkward posing
• ‘Cheeeese’
• Hanging your wedding dress in a tree

There will be lots of:

• Fun
• Laughter
• Me telling bad jokes (to initiate the previous)

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